General FAQ

Frequently asked questions about connecting to Karura and performing transfers.

Connecting to Karura

Why is the Karura app not connecting to my Polkadot.js extension?

The Karura app may have trouble connecting to your Polkadot.js extension for a few reasons. Please try the following:

Make sure that your extension is set to “Allow use on any chain.” Refresh the web page.

Make sure that you are allowing the website access to your extension. Open “Manage Website Access” and make sure that is allowed. Refresh the web page.

If those attempts fail, try turning off ad blockers in your browser settings. Refresh the web page.

If you are still having trouble connecting, it’s possible that another browser extension is interfering or there is some other unknown issue with your browser. Consider downloading a new web browser and redownloading the polkadot.js extension. You can import your account to the polkadot.js extension in the new browser by selecting “import account from pre-existing seed” and entering your seed phrase. Then proceed to connecting the Karura app at

How do I switch to a different account in the Karura app?

You can switch to a different account by clicking on your account name in the upper right hand corner of the app. After clicking on your account name, a pop-up window will appear where you can select change to switch to a different account.

Transfers to and from Karura

🚨How do I transfer my tokens?

Exchanges do NOT currently support direct withdraw/deposit KSM to/from Karura network. Please do NOT send KSM to an exchange address on Karura App. Also, always make sure that the wallet you are sending tokens to supports the Karura Network.

Follow the Transfer Guide to learn how to conduct transfers and Installing Your Wallet to set up a supported wallet.

🚨I sent my KSM tokens from Karura to an exchange address, but don't see them in my exchange account. Can you help me?

Direct KSM transfers between Karura and an exchange are not supported. Users are given this warning in the Karura App when they try to initiate a transfer. Contact your exchange's support team for assistance.

Can I send tokens to my Ledger?

Yes, you can transfer tokens on Karura to Ledger by following the instructions here.

Where can I see my transactions history in the app?

You can find your transactions history by clicking on your account name in the upper right hand corner of the app. After clicking on your account name, a pop-up window will appear where you can see your transaction history You can also view your account activity by going to

What does the "keep alive" button do?

"Keep alive" prevents your account from being removed due to low balance (Existential Deposit).

Why am I unable to transfer all of my tokens in Karura?

You could have "keep alive" checks enabled which prevents your account from being removed due to low balance (Existential Deposit). The Existential Deposit limits are as follows:

  • KAR ED: 0.1 KAR

  • kUSD ED: 0.01 kUSD

  • KSM ED: 0.0001 KSM

  • LKSM ED: 0.0001 LKSM

Account Balances

Why aren't my KSM showing up in the Karura app?

In order for your KSM to show up in the Karura app, you need to send your KSM via Inter-Kusama Transfer to the Karura network. Please refer to the Transfer Guide to learn how.

How do I claim vested KAR crowdloan rewards?

You can claim vested KAR crowdloan rewards by connecting to Karura Apps and scrolling down to the bottom of the page where your KAR balance is displayed. Click on your balance to get the details on your vesting balance and click on the three dots on the right to claim your vested tokens (screenshot below for reference).

How do I reclaim my tokens after a governance vote?

You can reclaim your KAR tokens by connecting to, going to Accounts and selecting Clear expired democracy locks.

Signing Transactions

Why am I getting an error when I try to sign my transaction?

You could be getting an error because you are trying to use a wallet that isn't supported. Ledger wallets will not work even if used with the polkadot.js browser extension. Additionally, users with other active wallet extensions can sometimes receive errors.

Transaction Fees

What tokens can I use to pay transaction fees?

You can use KAR or any other token listed on Karura swap to pay transaction fees.

What is Flexible Fee?

Flexible fees allow you to select your preferred non-KAR token for transaction fees. If you have a KAR balance, your transaction fees will still be paid in KAR even if you have your flexible fee is set to a different token. Follow the Flexible Fee Guide to learn how to set your flexible fee.

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