Karura Wormhole Bridge

Information for how to use the multi-chain Karura Wormhole Bridge

Karura has integrated the Wormhole network, This gives users the ability to transfer assets across many top-tier ecosystems including Karura, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, Binance Smart Chain and many others. You can learn more about Wormhole here.


  • Bound MetaMask and Substrate wallets. You can learn how to do this by following this guide.

  • KAR in your Substrate Wallet and other tokens in your MetaMask wallet to pay for transaction fees.



1) Go the Karura Wormhole Interface. Select the chains you would like to bridge between.

2) In this example, we will be bridging from the Ethereum to Karura blockchains as shown below.

3) Select the asset you would like to transfer and the number of tokens you would like to transfer. Select Approve tokens.

4) Once you select Approve tokens, this will trigger an approval transaction that you will need to sign with your Metamask wallet. Once this has been completed you will then be able to select Send tokens.

5) You will then have to select continue to confirm this transaction.

6) You will need to wait 15 Ethereum blocks for confirmation of this transaction.

7) Once your transaction has been confirmed you will be prompted to change the chain your metamask wallet is connect to. We will be changing to the Karura blockchain as shown below.

8) Select Redeem tokens. This will prompt a transaction signature request on your metamask. Sign this transaction to continue.

9.) Congratulations, you've successfully bridged your tokens.

10.) You will now be able to see your bridged USDC in the portfolio tab on the Karura dashboard.


My tokens are stuck in the bridge. What do I do?

Go to the Wormhole Interface and click on Redeem in the upper right hand corner. Select the Source chain where you initiated the transaction, connect your wallet and paste the Source Tx. If you've done it correctly, the Recover button should appear and you can proceed with your redeeming your tokens off the bridge.

Why can't I find my USDC tokens in my MetaMask wallet when I'm connected to Karura?

You may need to add the USDC contract address to MetaMask. To do this go to Assets -> Import tokens and then paste in the contract address of 0x1f3a10587a20114ea25ba1b388ee2dd4a337ce27.

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