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Frequently asked questions about staking and liquid staking.


🚨What are the risks of liquid staking on Karura?

Like other users that participate in staking, users that utilize liquid staking are subject to slash risk. This could result in users losing a portion of their staked tokens if their validator gets slashed. You can read more about slashing risks here.


Can I stake my KSM on Karura?

Yes. Karura Apps offers simple, one-click staking.

What staking yield can I expect to earn?

Indicative staking yields can be found on Karura Apps.

What is the minimum amount required to stake?

Users must stake at least 0.1002 KSM in order to generate LKSM.

How do I unstake my KSM?

Because LKSM and liquid staking are still in their initial phases, users aren't able to redeem their LKSM for KSM. However, this functionality will be enabled in the next few weeks.
In the meantime, one potential workaround available to users is to trade LKSM for KSM on Karura Swap.

Am I able to select my own validators?

Currently, Karura Apps does not offer the ability to select your own validators. The Karura Council oversees the validator selection for all LKSM users. You can learn more here.
You can see a list of the current validator group here.

Who are the validators for LKSM?

You can see a list of the current validator group here.

Can I use my LKSM to contribute to a crowloan?


Can I use my LKSM to participate in Kusama governance?


Am I able to use my LKSM as collateral?

Yes. You can use your LKSM as collateral to mint kUSD.
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