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Creating a Vault Guide
User guide for opening a Vault to mint the kUSD stablecoin.

🚨Opening a Vault comes with certain risks. Learn more here🚨

1) Connect to apps.karura.network and select Mint kUSD. Click Create a Vault.
2) Select your collateral type and click Next.
3) Enter the amount you’d like to deposit as collateral as well as the amount of kUSD you’d like to mint. Click Next.
4) Review the information on the screen and make sure you are comfortable with the terms.
🚨 Note the Current Price and Liquidation Price: If the Current Price falls to or below the Liquidation Price, your Vault will be liquidated and subject to the Liquidation Fee. Your collateral will be sold for kUSD until the kUSD balance and Liquidation Fee are paid.
🚨 Note the Stability Fee: The Stability Fee is a variable rate that is subject to change. You are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the latest Stability Fee rates.
Click Confirm and sign the transaction.
Last modified 5mo ago
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