Karura Apps
Liquid Staking Guide
User guide for staking on Karura.

Bring your KSM to Karura

1) Connect to apps.karura.network and select Cross Chain and Inter Kusama Transfer.
2) Select Kusama as theFrom Chain and Karura as the To Chain. The From Account is going to be the one that you've connected to Karura Apps (make sure this account has KSM on Kusama). For theTo Account, select the Karura account where you'd like to receive the KSM. Enter the amount of KSM you'd like to transfer. Click Transfer. Sign the transaction.
Note: You'll see the amount of KSM available to transfer from Kusama above the Amount field.

Stake your KSM

1) Select Liquid Staking.
2) Enter the amount of KSM you'd like to stake and click Stake. Sign the transaction.
Congratulations, you've now staked your KSM on Karura and have generated LKSM. This LKSM can be kept in your wallet or used in Karura's other DeFi products to mint kUSD or provide liquidity to Karura Swap.
Last modified 3mo ago