Liquid Staking Guide

User guide for staking on Karura.

Video Guide

Bring your KSM to Karura

1) Connect to and click Bridge on the left-hand side.

2) Select Kusama as the Origin Chainand Karura as the Destination Chain. Select the account you'd like to receive your KSM as the Destination Account. Click Transfer and sign the transaction.

Note: You'll see the amount of KSM available to transfer from Kusama above the Amount field.

Stake your KSM by Minting

1) Select Liquid Staking.

Note that this option isn't open to users that have less than 1 KSM.

2) Enter the amount of KSM you'd like to stake and click Stake. Sign the transaction.

3) Optional: From time to time, there could be collateral staking incentives for your LKSM. To see if there is a collateral staking incentive, go to the Earn tab and see if there is any LKSM vaults. If there is one, select the pool and click Stake/Unstake.

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