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Liquid Staking

Information about staking and liquid staking.


Karura Apps offers simple, one-click staking services. Staking KSM allows users to earn yield on their KSM tokens and also secure the Kusama network. While some users may find staking via other methods complicated or centralized, Karura Apps seeks to offer a simple, decentralized solution.

Liquid Staking (LKSM)

As part of Karura Apps' staking solution, users can also access the liquidity in their staked KSM. With "regular staking" users can only earn yield on their KSM. They can't borrow against it or earn trading fees on that staked KSM in Liquidity Pools. The staked KSM is only able to do one thing and that is earn staking yield by securing the Kusama network.
In contrast, LKSM, Karura's liquid staking product, allows users to access their staked KSM liquidity. What this means is that users don't have to unstake and sell their KSM to access liquidity. Instead, users can mint LKSM, borrow against that LKSM to generate kUSD all while keeping their KSM and continuing to earn staking rewards. Similarly, users can contribute LKSM to liquidity pools to earn trading fees in addition to their staking rewards.

User Benefits Summary

Staking on Karura
Staking on Exchange
Staking through Wallet
One-Click Staking
Access Liquidity
Additional Ways to Earn
No Unbonding Period
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