KAR Staking


KAR, along with ACA gets an upgrade in Acala 2.0: Exodus Upgrade, and as a result, we have refreshed our KAR staking.

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What you get

Step-by-step KAR staking


Rewards claiming

Loyalty bonus


What you get

  • KAR reward

  • Ecosystem token contributions are farmable via staked KAR

  • Vote for emission distribution to liquidity pools and dApps

  • Loyalty bonus captured from unstaking

  • Staked KAR can still participate in governance voting

Step-by-step KAR staking

1) Before you stake, you will need to have created a wallet and transferred your KAR to that wallet.

  • Learn how to create a wallet here.

  • Learn how to transfer your KAR to your wallet here.

2) Connect to Karura Apps. Click on Staking on the left-hand navigation menu.

3) Enter the amount of KAR you'd like to stake and then click Stake.

Note: i. that unstaking will take 7 days, see Unstaking section below. ii. Keep in mind that you will need to pay transaction fees to unstake and that you won't be able to use your staked KAR to pay those transaction fees. i.e. You may not want to stake MAX KAR and keep some small amount as fees.

5) The amount of KAR you staked will appear as Staked. You will also be able to track your KAR rewards and claim those rewards, if desired. Note that KAR rewards are subject to a Loyalty Bonus to be taken away from your rewards. You can unstake your KAR and still earn your Loyalty Bonus, but claiming the rewards will deduct to Loyalty Bonus. See Loyalty Bonus below.

6) Users can claim their KAR rewards by clicking Claim rewards. Users can also withdraw their staked KAR by clickingUnstake and then entering the amount they'd like to withdraw.


Unstaking period - Unstaking takes approximately 7 days from the unstaking request is submitted. Note the KAR unstaking will not earn yield in the unstaking period.

Unstaking queue - as there is a 7 days unstaking period before the KAR is unstaked and ready for claim, multiple unstaking transaction will each have their timeline, so there is an unstaking queue.

Restaking - should you want to put the KAR back to staking status, you can use restake anytime to restake any amount that is currently unstaking, the KAR will be in staked status and start earning yield immediately.

Rewards claiming

Click on the Claim Rewards link to review your rewards, breakdown in the popup, there is KAR rewards, and project token rewards section. Click claim button at the review page to execute the claim and contribute to the loyalty bonus pool - more about loyalty bonus in the next section.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonus in KAR staking is setup to provide incentive for users claim their rewards, where every claim will result in a percentage % of the amount claimed distributed to the rest of the stake participants proportionally as Loyalty Bonus.

i.e. there will be a positive (from other claims rewards before you) and a negative loyalty bonus for all users, user claims later may have a net positive rewards.


Can I unstake my KAR at any time?

Yes. Users can unstake their KAR at any time. However, all unstake subject to unstaking period - see Unstaking above.

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