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Information about trading and adding tokens on Karura Swap.

Karura Swap

Karura Apps offers the ability to trustlessly trade tokens without intermediaries through Karura Swap. Karura Swap is a trustless, automated market maker (AMM)-styled decentralized exchange on the Karura network. Karura Swap supports the ability to trade native Substrate tokens and ERC-20 tokens.

To facilitate trades, Karura Swap relies on liquidity provisioned by users called Liquidity Providers (LPs).

User Benefits

Trade without intermediaries: Users interact with the Karura network protocol in order to trade tokens, not with third parties.

No exchange crashes: The performance of centralized exchanges often degrades during times of high market volatility to the point where service outages occur. This makes it difficult for you access your tokens and trade during these times.

Trade new tokens sooner: New tokens can be quickly added to Karura Swap through governance.

Trade more token pairs: Karura Swap allows for users to trade directly between more token pairs and not just select pairs supported by the exchange. If a new token is listed on Karura Swap, it will likely be able to trade against every other token that is already listed.

Liquidity in illiquid markets: Karura Swap's design allows for users to transact in illiquid markets at any time.

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