Adding Liquidity Guide

User guide for becoming a Liquidity Provider.


🚨Being a Liquidity Provider comes with certain risks. Learn more here🚨

1) Connect to and click on the Earn tab.

2) You'll be presented with all of the pools that have an active liquidity mining program. If you see an APR with 0%, that pool either doesn't have a liquidity mining program or that program expired. Select the pool you'd like to provide liquidity to and clickBecome a Liquidity Provider.

3) Select the two tokens you'd like to deposit to the Liquidity Pool and the amount of liquidity you'd like to provide. Toggle the Stake LP Tokens to on so that you can earn your liquidity mining incentives. Click Add Liquidity.

4) Return to the Earn tab and expand the details on your pool to see your LP tokens and track your accumulating rewards.

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