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Parachain Transfer Guide
User guide for token transfers between parachains.


Sending tokens from Bifrost to Karura

1) Connect to the Bifrost app and then go to the Wallet tab. Scroll down to select the token you'd like to transfer. Select Cross-chain and click Cross-out.
2) Enter the amount you'd like to transfer and select the Karura parachain.
3) Select the account you'd like to send tokens to from the dropdown list. Don't worry if the address is in the Bifrost visual format. Your tokens will still be sent to the Karura address on the Karura parachain for the account that you select. Click Confirm.
4) Review the details of your transfer and click Confirm.
5) Success! You have transferred your tokens from Bifrost to Karura. Your balance on each chain should update to reflect the transfer.

Sending tokens from Karura to Bifrost

1) Connect to apps.karura.network and scroll down to the bottom of the Portfolio page to the token that you'd like to send to the Bifrost network. Click Cross Chain.
2) Select Karura as the From Chain and Bifrost as the To Chain. Select the To Account on the Bifrost network where you'd like to receive your tokens. Enter the amount of tokens you'd like to send. Click Transfer.
3) Connect to the Bifrost app and then go to the Wallet tab. Scroll down to see your updated balance and that you've received your tokens.


Sending tokens from Statemine to Karura

1) Before you can send your RMRK, you must first have KSM tokens on the Statemine chain. To do this, connect to Polkadot.js Apps and connect to the Kusama Network.
2) Go to Accounts and click Teleport.
3) Select any of your accounts that has KSM tokens and make that the send from account. Then, make the destination chain Statemine and the send to address the address with your RMRK tokens. Enter at least 0.001 KSM as the amount of KSM you'd like to transfer to Statemine. You'll be using this KSM to pay for transaction fees when you send your RMRK. Click Teleport.
4) Connect to apps.karura.network and click Bridge on the left-hand side of the screen. Select Statemine as the From Chain and Karura as the To Chain. Enter the amount of RMRK you'd like to send and click Transfer.
Please note that if you click Max your transaction may fail since you need to hold a very very small amount of RMRK back to pay for transaction fees.
5) Return to the Portfolio tab to see your RMRK on Karura.
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